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We are The Working Assembly, a NYC based creative collective comprised of designers, storytellers and makers. We create memorable experiences between brands and people. We grow startups into thriving brands—from launch to production—as well as take existing concepts and provide business transforming product innovation, brand development and creative production.

About The Working Assembly


We have a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. We work wtih startups and new ventures and collaborate with them as they create something new. This co-creation often leads to equity deals as part of our ongoing relationship. We also work with established brands and agencies and assist them with everything from branding to content creation. This creates a wide range in services that extends from logo design to mobile app development to short films to food trucks.

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Our flexible model allows us to be nimble, fast and smart in a time of tight budgets and big box agencies. We start with our core assembly leaders, and scale our team depending on need. Our collective is comprised of people that have proven experience working with the world's biggest brands and bring a level of expertise, insight and creativity to everything they do.

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We're always on the lookout for collaborators, innovators, joke tellers, taco lovers, type aficionados and good people to work with.

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