Plant-based tea lattes celebrating the Filipino tradition of merienda.

Narra is launching with its flagship line of Asian-inspired oat milk lattes made with tea for smooth and focused energy. With the perfect amount of caffeine and L-theanine to recharge you without the jitters, Narra is a healthier choice with no added sugar, zero artificial ingredients and is lactose free. Founded by the Reyes siblings, Chef trained, Miggy Reyes, and former CPG executive, Victoria Reyes, grew up looking forward to merienda—the Filipino tradition of taking a midday break to sip, snack, and recharge.

“What was a joyous childhood escape in the Philippines turned into a dreaded midday slump as we became working professionals later in life stateside. Narra was born to refresh your daily ‘siptual’ and transport you to that joyous merienda feeling with the most refreshing plant-based tea lattes created with Asian-inspired flavors,” said Miggy Reyes.


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